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Our Team


Roger and Angel 

Senior Leadership

For over 18 years, Roger and Angel have  been the pastors and apostolic leaders here at Hope. They bring a heart to father and mother a generation into a sustained move of God beyond the church into the community, region, and the world. Married for 38 years, together with their children and grandchildren, they endeavor to model what it is like to see heaven truly invade the earth.

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Dori Valley 

Associate Pastor 

Pastor Dori Bio

Gave my life to Jesus at the age of 19, while a freshman in the University of Maine. After graduating I taught school in Calais, Maine for fourteen years. During that time I got filled with the Holy Spirit and pursued wanting more of God. When God spoke that I was to go to the mission field, I was a little scared but determined to respond to His call. I ended up in the former Soviet Republic of Estonia in 1991. I was there through the coupe’ and the break-up of the Soviet Union. Estonia declared its independence and hasn’t looked back. I stayed for 10 years, pouring out my life on behalf of that nation. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

When I returned in 2001 I came to Titusville, where I have remained ever since. I started attending Cathedral Pines AG at a time when they had no pastor. I pitched in and helped every way I could. Tim and Elaine Harris took me on as their Associate Pastor in January of 2002. Pastor Roger and Angel inherited me! Together we are adamant about pursuing more of God, to host Him well and to share our faith in Jesus with anyone who will listen. Jesus is my life!

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Josiah and Inga 

Worship/Media Director

Leading in worship and the arts since childhood, Inga and Josiah live to see the wonder and power of God expressed though the arts, not only to release the excellence of His Kingdom but to see a generation brought into the Kingdom of God

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Kent and Shay 

School of Ministry Directors

Kent and Shay have been our Hope Supernatural School of Ministry Directors Since 2014. After Serving as missionaries is South Africa, Kent and Shay returned back to Brevard County believing that Revival and Awakening will be carried and released through a company of believers that have been discipled and have learned to walk in the ways of Jesus. Teaching how to walk in personal revival, creating burning ones who carry the Presence of Jesus attractive to the world around them 

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Michael and Dianne Thompson 

Apostolic Advisor / Teaching Pastor

Michael Thompson writes about how Kingdom living looks in real-time in the real world. With insights from both failure and success, he gives an honest, visceral account of life with Jesus. He and Dianne, have been discovering God together over 40 years

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