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About Us

We believe In raising up the next generation of Worshipers and Musicians that learn to Host the Presence of the Lord through the practical teaching of music theory as well as learning to play worship songs in an individual and team environment. 

Classes Offered


  • Piano

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Electric Guitar

  • Violin

  • Drums 

  • Worship Leading /Vocals

Image by Clem Onojeghuo
Image by Laith Abuabdu

School Information 

 Course Length

16 weeks, Fall and Spring Semesters


*Fall 23 Semester will start the week of

September 4th 


Whats Included: 

1 private 45min session per week 

Teaching beginning music theory paired with learning Worship Music 


Last 5 weeks we will bring ready students together 1 extra night a week to start working as a team with the worship song/songs they have learned. As well as learning to lead host the presence of the Lord through worship 






$350 per Semester 

Tuition Payment Portal 

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